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We preserve green life and,

Change the agriculture culture
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Global Agricultural Chemical Company
Creating a Safe and Rich World

Since 1968, when we started out, we have been a specialized company which has produced and provided safe and effective crop protection products for increasing food production and farm village rehabilitation.

All products of SG HANKOOK SAMGONG are produced with high-tech facilities and broad knowledge. SG HANKOOK SAMGONG has been leading the pesticide industry in Korea with achieving recognition for awesome products and techniques in agricultural pesticide industry for past half century. Now, we will become a best company which can peer with world-leading companies in coming 21st century with our overtaking techniques. You are kindly requested to watch our future, making the prosperous future, together with human and nature.

The principles of SG Korean Samgong that will be kept from the beginning to the end
  • Creative human management

  • Challenging spirit

  • Pursue green growth

lead a prosperous future where humans and nature are together

The future of SG Samgong

Please join us.

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